The Importance Of Social Gamification

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Especially social gamification affordances were a good indicator and a strong influence on almost all antecedents. Consequently, the importance of adding social gamification elements was shown. Even more, social gamifications influence we-intention directly, which shows how important those features are to the goal of playing together. The strength of this influence may be owed to the hedonic nature of gamification (Heathwood, 2006). Social gamification influences all social influence constructs (evaluative, cognitive and affective social identity, group norm), showing that the use of social gamification affordances has an impact on how strong social influence is. The strength of influence, though, depends on the constructs. The direct relationship between evaluative social identity and SGAMS is relatively strong because social gamification elements may give the user the feeling of contributing to the community and thus strengthening the self-esteem of the user. Moreover, the results showed that the hypothesized relationship between SGAMS and group norms exists. To explain this relationship, one has to go back to the definition of we-intentions. Group norms capture the belief, that every member of the group intends to play together. SGAMS, on the other hand, are great at giving an incentive for everyone to hold this goal. Another surprise is that the results indicated, that social gamification affordances positively influence perceived behavioral control with a path

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