The Importance Of Social Groups

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As human beings, we are without a doubt attracted to others who share the same beliefs and morals as us. As a result, we thus become members of different social groups, whether it be at a personal or societal level. According to sociologist Emile Durkheim, membership in these social groups leads to social integration, which refers to the level of attachment one feels to the social group(s) to which they belong. In fact, the higher the level of social integration—one 's devotion to a social group—the more likely an individual will alter their behavior in order to comply with group beliefs. Consequently, social groups in which an individual belongs to can undoubtedly influence or control one’s behavior, depending on how loyal they feel to said group. Throughout this essay, I will analyze how being a member of different social groups—the Roman Catholic Church, the Italian-American cultural group, and the “nerd” clique—can both influence and control my behavior. First, the Roman Catholic Church is the social group to which I belong that has had an influence on my behavior for the longest period of time. Specifically, being raised as a Catholic—and consequently confirmed—I feel a sense of obligation to partake in specific Catholic traditions simply due to my being a member of the church since my Baptism as a child. For example, every February or March beings the period of Lent and marks the end of my ability to consume meat on Fridays until Easter Sunday. Despite the fact that

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