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Social health is important because it is the factor to real friendships and relationships. Unbalanced social health can create problems such as isolation. Isolation can affect a person’s “basic verbal communication, tone of voice, facial expression, and body language” ( Falcon 1). The main idea of social health is the communication part. These people with social media addictions will isolate from the real world. Face to face interactions will become rare. Since teenagers have access to social media, they don’t ask to hang out instead they replace that with video chat or text to talk. Teens become disrespectful towards parents and are less observant at social events, including family gatherings. Family relationships are at risk with use of technology…show more content…
There have been tragedies where predators use social media to form a fake relationship with people. They use these online dating services to their advantage over those who are looking for a real love. This could lead to the victim linking up with someone who pretended to be someone they’re not. For example, the top hit MTV show “Catfish” shows how people use social media to communicate with people they are attracted to. One decides to meet the other person after talking to them for so long, and in most cases, come to find out the person they have been talking to is not the same person as their pictures seem to be. The author of the article “Negative Impact of Social Media on Teens” states “social media has made this easier for them to embrace stuff they would not otherwise embrace because they can do it ‘safely’ behind a screen” (McCann 1). This “safe” social media environment allows people to be someone they are not behind a screen. Unfortunately, teenagers are also at a risk of this type of scam. It exposes them to a world of predators who are doing the same thing for younger people. This is how child trafficking

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