The Importance Of Social Interaction

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Social interactions are really important in our society. These interactions can help you get ahead in life such as at your job or in relationships. Here are some life hacks to help you again advantage in certain social situations. When you go up to a group of people look at their feet for clues. When you want to join into a conversation you want to make sure you are not doing it rudely. If people are in the middle of an important conversation they may not want you interrupting. When you approach the group if they do not turn their feet but only their torsos then they don't want to be interrupted. However, if they turn both their feet and torso that means you are good to join into the conversation. Stand next to the person if you just had an argument with them. If you just had an argument and are trying to defuse the situation then…show more content…
In social situations people don't like looking like the bad guy. When asking for a favor you should start your request with "I need your help". Most people feel guilty if they do not help a person out and like to be the person helping so typically they will do you the favor. If you want to get someone to like you give them validation. Most people like to have validation for the actions they make in life. If you want to get someone to like you all you have to do is listen to someone that is telling you something really important to him or her. Then repeat the important thing back in your own words. This will enable them to see you as a good listener and that you are interested in what they have to say. Fold your arms to see if someone is paying attention to what you are saying. If you are talking to someone and don't know if they are listening or not trying folding your arms. If the other person also folds their arms then they are paying attention to you. If they don't then they more than likely are not. If someone does not answer a question that you asked completely then
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