The Importance Of Donations In Today's Society

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In today 's society in America, people are more focused on themselves rather than helping those in need. It is very important that those that are in need can get what they need to survive and not suffer as much as they do now. While there are some corporations that do help these people, they nearly all are non-for-profit, which means they have to rely on donations from people in order to do what they need to do. The problem with this is that not that many people do donate to these charities because they want to spend their extra money on things that they want. America 's society got this way because of the individualistic tendencies of our economy and culture and that our lives are a lot easier than people living in impoverished areas like…show more content…
One of these is the advancement of technology in America. A couple hundred years ago companies had to rely on human workers in order to get their products made. But as technology got more advanced as time went on and around the early 1900s is when machines got to the point where the machines were able to do simple tasks that they would originally have to pay people to do. So the companies started to replace jobs with the machines, which lowered the amount of jobs significantly. This still continues today and is even worse than before, the most recent example being the electronic cashiers at McDonald 's recently been added, which will cut a significant amount of jobs for people. This trend will likely always be here and get worse as technology develops more and more unless there is a significant change in legislation that would make it better to hire people than to use the machines. One example of this would be having a heavy tax on companies that use robots and a lesser tax on companies that use more humans than machines. While this could work well and make more jobs, the companies will try to find loopholes in the system and probably try to go back to their much cheaper ways of buying machines rather than hiring
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