Social Justice Issues Today

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Social justice is obviously a big problem in today 's society. A lot of us fail to recognize people for who they truly are and sometimes treat people that are different from us unfairly. I never understood why people treated others differently because of the color of their skin or because of who they were attracted to or because of a disability that they may have. At the end of the day we are all human beings and we are all created the same way. We should all have social equality.

The social justice issue that I would like to discuss is civil rights (racism & sexism). Today everyone knows that if you are white, especially a white male, you already have an upper hand in life. White people in America are privileged and it 's not hard to tell. In my opinion, treating someone poorly for their race doesn’t make any sense. It isn 't like that person did anything for other people
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In addition to paying tribute to the courage of historical and current champions of LGBT rights, the statement calls attention to the continued challenges faced by LGBT people. It also reaffirms the Commission 's commitment to furthering progress toward full equality under the law for LGBT people".

"Commission Chairman Martin R. Castro stated on behalf of the Commission, "It is at times like this in our nation 's history that we must stand up and speak out for those who are targeted for discrimination and acts of hate. Today, we do that as well as celebrate and honor the accomplishments of the LGBT community who have contributed to the greatness of our
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