Social Media Activists: A Case Study

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With the rise of social media activism studies have emerged in finding the explanation to this phenomenon such as the case study study by Caroline Sheedy, examined the use of social media in recent cases of activism such as the 2008 attacts in mumbai, the 2009 Green revolution in Iran, and the 2010 earthquake in Haiti but it highlighted the case of the 2011 Egyptian revolution and the role of social media in the movement. It stated that during the protest, activists used social media to plan out protests and spread awareness across Egypt. Communication for planning and information sharing between revolutionaries is important and crucial to a point, but one of the most important aspects is the raised world awareness social media can bring…show more content…
An example would be a study by Amando Grata entitled The Narratives of the Millennials and their Platform for Social Transformation. This study basically wants to identify how Filipino millennials, or the generation Y, popularly known as the Baby Boom generation or those born in the years of 1980s-2000, weigh conditions in order to participate and be socially transformed through social media. The study focuses on three main objectives, which is to first understand and better appreciate the context where the youth are in terms on their online social engagement; second is to examine their social involvement within the purview of social transformation; and third, to find out how and why the millennials are using the technology to take a stand and act on issues they care…show more content…
The current study, focuses on the online phenomenon of social media activism. This is a great example to apply the theory mentioned, that there are individuals evidently using social media, facebook to be more specific, a online space specifically made for social interaction, but has been transformed to an online platform of political opinions and statements. Mankind has manipulated an online space that was specifically made for social interaction alone to an online political and social avenue in order to voice out his/her opinion and influence others of his perspective.
Marshall Mcluhan, a Canadian scholar believed in technology and its ability to shape us by coming up with his theory of Technological Determinism. The theory basic assumption is that technological inventions, specifically those of the media, causes cultural change. Also, that in every era, there is a primary medium everybody uses which describe that very generation. That we create the technology we use and these technology soon shapes us as

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