The Importance Of Social Media

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Social media has been quite popular for some time now. It has laid the foundation of web 2.0 (Duffett, 2017). Social media has provided a new place for users to congregate and exchange ideas. This has all been made possible by the availability and the speed of the internet. Businesses have used this opportunity to promote their products and services on social media platforms. Social media allows for users to communicate with each other freely, which helps companies to understand what their customers want and provide a proactive approach to their needs (Farzana Parveen Tajudeen, 2017). There are major benefits of leveraging the power of social media to promote a brand. Brands can use social signals on these sites to boost reachability. The more people talk about a brand on social media websites, the more it will get referenced in other search engine sites, hence making it easier to find in a search (Google, n.d.). Brands can also keep the word of mouth marketing alive through social media. People are more likely to take the advice of their peers and friends than believe a brand’s marketing campaign (Klara, 2016). This can be both beneficial for the brand and work against it. Negative reviews get circulated faster and more effectively on social media. So, brands have to be careful about dissolving problems as soon as they arise, before they blow out of proportion. Consumers spend a lot of time on social media. It is quite addictive. Hence this has made these platforms an

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