The Importance Of Social Media For Government Communication

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As the importance of social media for government communications increases, it also relies on public relations theories and public diplomacy research. Governments have noticed that tactics of traditional media associations, non-transparent and one-way messaging can no longer be legitimized in the eyes of stakeholders. The legitimization of nations and governments was made different from the traditional public diplomacy scholarship, which was conducted as actors, focusing on dialogue, building relationships, mutual understanding, and peoples. In today 's digital media environment, strategic communication like genre applied in relation to active people has the potential to solve the problems of foreign public opinion and misconceptions. Zhong and Lu found a change in public diplomacy practices in communicating with the US Embassy using Chinese blogs and micro blog sites. "In the context of new media, senders invite" cultural exchanges, bilateral relations, national values, etc. to initiate and encourage interaction and debate on issues. Zaharna and Uysal have recently contributed to the public diplomacy in helping to orient academics, one-way messaging and media approaches to the relations management approaches to the public at the time of the infiltration, but despite the scientific progress," the communities in the public diplomacy equation they think they perceive it as the control over the dynamism. Relationship management is primarily evaluated from the perspective of the
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