The Importance Of Social Media In A Business

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As shown in the table below, a majority of the respondents spend a huge amount of time online. The results shown can be related to an article written by Lorenciana (2014) which stated that millions of Filipinos spending more time on the web, and with that, now is the right time for companies to embrace the online market to build brand reputation. The idea that most people are going online should push businesses to invest in various social networking platforms to sell their products, creating lead generation, traffic and bigger sales. In social media, it is all about building community and relationship. However, social media can also destroy a name, thus business owners should create engaging and solid contents that online consumers would be…show more content…
In terms of communication, there were two factors that were identified: (1) through interactions and (2) through needs. Communication is the bridge to understanding between the businesses and the customers. Through interaction is where consumer communication is made easy wherein there is a way to increase information from one consumer to other consumers through the use of messengers and chats. Social media is also a way to have communication with consumers through interactions using online posts. Social media can be a place where a business can grow and learn from their past experiences through needs with the use of feedbacks and ratings. In terms of customer loyalty, the two factors in which a business can achieve this through: (1) promotions and (2) memberships. Loyal customers will purchase goods or services again over time meaning customer loyalty is vital in any business. Promotions that are found in social media will help increases sales to enhance the business’ reputation. While under promotions there is discounts which attracts customers to buy the products and packages which allows a customer to purchase in a bundle or group of products that is readily available in social media. A customer having a membership will give a business a form of assurance which today can be done through the use of social media. Mileages will show the customer’s past transactions while rewards and privileges will encourage the customers to reach a certain number or amount of transactions which can all be managed in each user’s or customer’s social media account. Brand recognition is one of the most important aspects in a business as it can build the trust between the customer and the brand. Popularity can help a business widen the number of customers or consumers with

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