Introduction To Social Media

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Moreover, Social media in communication is very important in all fields and domains. It should be understood by defining Web2.0 which is described as an advanced and courant approach for the World Wide Web, a very large position and area where everything can be successively and constantly alerted through users by sharing information (Conole, Galley, & Culver, 2011)“It is much more to do with what people are doing with the technology than the technology itself, for rather than merely retrieving information, users are now creating and consuming it, and hence adding value to the websites that permit them to do so” (Agatston, Kowalski, & Limber, 2007).
Table 1. Definitions of scientist about Social Media in Communication
Definitions Scientists Article
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The nature of connection may vary from site to site (Ellison, Steinfield, & Lampe, 2007)
Social network sites
The platform of internet shows a progressively big toolbox, and it may be hard to select between varieties of “core “resources. (Bik & Goldstein, 2013)
An Introduction to Social Media for Scientists

The research work is affected by the tools of social media. The scholar discussions are growing increasingly and shared all over webs like twitter, Mendeleye and zotero. Discussions may be reviewed by comments and suggestions (Priem et al., 2011)
Altmetrics in the Wild: Using Social Media to Explore Scholarly Impact

The social media data is readable in a special machine that opens new perspectives and experiences for social networks analyses (Er et al., 2011) Semantic Social Network Analysis

Recently, the sites of social media is the most popular and much known purposes and destinations. The high level of users is covered by press and speculation about all terms of social network sites. (Hargittai,
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(McClain & Neeley, 2015)
A critical evaluation of science outreach via social media: its role and impact on scientists

About tweets, they can expect and predict cited articles between the three days of the publications of articles. The activity of social media can increase progressively citations and reflects the quality of the articles that predict citations but the main true use of this criterion is to measure the impact of social media use. (Priem et al., 2011)
Can Tweet predict citations? Metrics of social impact based on Twitter and correlation with traditional metrics if scientific impact.
Basically, the online social network is where a community interact, cooperate and relate through their profiles that show and represent their public personnel and networks of connection. (Acquisiti & Gross, 2006)
Imagined Communities: Awareness,
Information Sharing, and Privacy on the Facebook
Taking into consideration the methods of growing the social media over time, in an individual and community level, it can change and advance membership and content. (Backstrom, Huttenlocher, Kleinberg, & Lan, 2006)
Group Formation in Large Social Networks: Membership, Growth, and
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