The Importance Of Social Media In Education

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Social media is a countless array of Internet based tools and platforms that increase and enhance the sharing of information which is common nowadays. It appeared after internet dawned. Social media not only use in communication, but also involve in education. (Laura, 2014).

First of all, social media helps in proficiency of studying. For instance, teachers and students use social media to improve their collaboration learning and information sharing (Junco, Helbergert, & Loken, 2011). As it used in academic settings that engage and facilitate student learning (Kabilan, Ahmad, & Abidin, 2010). Next, it also offers teachers a chance to have a better relationship with their students by using online classroom which is very useful and able to develop some crucial skills and abilities for the learners. For example, students can use variety of special social media, like Google Docs, mind mapping and e-portfolio software to improving cognitive skills, constructing new knowledge, reflecting on course content and understanding personal learning process (Lisa, 2014). The relationship between students and teachers can influenced seriously by using social media for better understanding and connecting between one another. Moreover, interact between students’ engagement and social media is also closely interrelated. So that, teachers should step outside of the traditional lecture method and facilitate a better learning by encouraging students to learn through social media. This action is
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