Social Media In Human Resource Management

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Social media has not only transformed how organisations engage with their customers, but it has also changed how colleagues engage and collaborate internally. As a result of the growth in social media usage, a lot of organisations currently have a presence of social networking and micro blogging sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. Social media has long been viewed as a being prominent among young people, a study on digital natives by Friedl (et al ,2010) found that even though young working people prefer digital media in their private lives, the same cannot be said about their business lives. An article on Forbes by contributor Sujan Patel mentioned that as of 2015 approximately 73% of all Americans have at least one social…show more content…
The study was meant to find out the managers’ views on the importance of internal communications in managing changes in companies. The senior managers interviewed highlighted the fact that internal communication was an important aspect in managing their companies’ processes. The respondents were also asked what their view where on the use of intranet, to which the majority of them believed that it was a good way to enable the flow of information and knowledge throughout the organisation. A study by Berger (2009) demonstrated a stronger positive relationship between trust in co-workers and management with a more recent social media action in a…show more content…
LinkedIn came out on top on the list of social media network joined first, at a whopping 70%. CEO’s who were found to have Twitter accounts, only 60% of them were actually tweeting. Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman in 2014 said that the new term for Chief Exceutive Officer has become Chief Engagement Officer. The reason for his new term was that CEO’s now need to step forward and directly interact with their employees. In 2014 Linjuan Rita Men surveyed 545 employees from several organisations in the US regarding their attitudes and experiences with CEO internal communications. She summarized the findings as: 1) when employees feel that the CEO’s communication is excellent and satisfactory, their perception of the CEO gradually improves,2) with effective CEO communication comes employee empowerment, 3) effective communication from the CEO leads to their improvement as better leaders, 4) effective communication from the CEO improves their credibility which builds internal reputation which in turn boosts employee

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