The Importance Of Social Media In India

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Change is in the air. Times have changed and now you don 't have to get on a stage with a mike in one hand and have audiences in attendance to air your views and thoughts. You wish to be heard, it is now just a click away.
Media, from the beginning of time has always been an important and significant pillar of society. It just doesn’t report happenings around the world but also plays a pivotal role in forming public opinion. The media space has changed a lot with the advent of social media. Social media has the power, public has eyes and ears everywhere. It presents a platform for each and every citizen of the country to voice their opinion fearlessly, vesting power in the hands of people and strengthening the foundation of democracy.
Talking about activism on media, it is a broad category of activism which uses media and communication technologies for social and political movements. Media activism can be practiced in
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But, unlike the traditional media, where there many intermediaries to cross before one can air their views, voice their opinion, social media is easily accessible to everyone. Hence, people who are otherwise unheard can freely and fearlessly voice their opinions — a right granted to us by our constitution — on social media platforms. So, coming to the big question, exactly how big is social media in India, a country with very negligible broadband use: it is just about 15 million connections for a whooping1.2 billion people? Well, it is surprisingly big – and definitely growing fast day by day. Here is the interesting fact, of every five minutes spent on the internet in India, a normal browser spends approximately 1 minute on Facebook, according to Carson Dalton, the company 's India PR head. Social media use has taken a striking jump last year in India, with Facebook 's active users to grow to 82 million by mid-2013 which is an upward growth of 15 percent in six

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