The Importance Of Social Media In Interactive Education

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The first move towards applying social network into interactive education begins with allowing the educators to connect with students through social network and provide them the flexibility to show utilizing innovation. Meanwhile, the motivation behind those computers in our classrooms – digital education is in true sense now. It finally came to a time that we have to change our attitude and treats social network as a media to operate interactive education system for teachers and students instead of seeing social network as just simply another distraction. Our education orientation has a whole history of being resistant to change. Now the question is the education industries that carry the responsibility to nurture children for the world of tomorrow, is it prepared to grasp the advanced technology with an open mind?

Privacy is undeniably an issue that need to be mentioned. Based on the 2013 Pew Research Centre study, adolescent nowadays are taking actions to protect their own privacy. The survey found out that 60% of teen Facebook users set their Facebook profiles as private and are confident in secure their online privacy.
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Teenagers should be taught about the appropriate language in communication on social media and how the world outside may interpret on certain content they post or share. Educators also need to advise them to think before they ‘post’. If they regret after they comment or post something, they should apologize immediately to the individuals or groups involved and show their sincerity. It’s quite similar to how parents teach their children how they should behave in public. To summarize, emphasis interactive education by social network can still be considered as an alternative method as long as the students is accompany by the guidance of a reliable
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