The Importance Of Social Media In School

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Sherry Turkle said;“Social networks represent the digital reflection of what humans do: we connect and share.” Social networking is known all over the world especially in the United States.Today over 180 million U.S citizens have an social media account and 2.77 billion people worldwide own a social media account.Social media today is so advanced that even schools use it. Some people think social media should be blocked from schools because of cyberbullying issues and students using social media the wrong way.These issues can be resolved by teachers and parents giving students speeches over how to use social media the right way and not the wrong way. Social media should be in school because it’s a great way to communicate, for instance it gives students and teachers a chance to show off their creative sides,it also gives students socializing skills,especially those how are shy,and also more students would…show more content…
This project allows the students to learn and use their creativity and their imagination,which is way funner then sitting in your desk and reading a text book or doing long worksheets.There are many other ways you can use social media in school,in creative ways and educational ways. Social media is a great way to
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