The Importance Of Social Media In Schools

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Referring to social media, Dr. Ferrier says, “It makes it harder for people to feel happy and have gratitude for their own lives, and that 's quite a deliberating thing.” All around the world schools are blocking social media to all technology during their hours. Parents and teachers are claiming that it will boost how the students learn and increase education. The school board may consider changing this requirement, but they need feedback from citizens first. Despite some of the educational purposes that benefit from social media, schools should ban it from their classrooms. These sites can negatively impact your social skills, be a distraction, and can even cause emotional upsets. Social media today can cause a downfall in one 's social skills. For starters, it has recently been recorded that regular students spend, on average, six hours a day scrolling through the media. Most students claim that if they have a cell phone in their range, then they give more attention and participate more often, but according to education professor, Miriam Morgenstern, she has experienced a student striving in her school work without a cell phone in her possession and has had an increase in her grades. School is not the only place that these kids will lose these skills because it can happen at home also. According to an article published by Australian Broadcasting Corporation, fifty-three percent of teens are using social media for fifteen minutes every night before bed. These teenagers
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