The Influence Of Social Media On Communication

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Technology itself is the science of practical use and social media is a result of advances in technology. Social media is defined as an online based social community or network where individuals or groups can come together to actively share their common ideas, information and other active interests. The applications of social media have become a part of daily life, since time has become of the essence it is easier to shop online, catch up with friends and family over these social media platforms. On social media applications, comments are to be left to express opinions and emoji's to express emotions. Social media is a mode of communication that can influence and change perspectives, furthermore social media are also used by small businesses…show more content…
It is a small handmade jewelry e-store that has creative designs taken from familiar concepts that depicts chicness and sophistication. However, the business reached its peak mainly because of social media, since social media has no barriers. The designs are for all to take inspiration from and orders are taken from the Middle East and different parts of the world. Social media has made it possible to reach out to clientele and the comment section is where the clients can freely express how they feel when they look at certain jewelries. Similarly, other businesses that are on Instagram or individuals that have gained social media fame are also approached to market products for their followers and viewers to see of course this is achieved by paying a small fee to the owner of that account (Jones, Borgman and Ulusoy…show more content…
It reduces costs and increases profitability, its effective and efficient therefore saving time required to individually target the audience. The use of hashtags and direct links to the brand allows for faster search availability furthermore adding to the profitability as well as brand recognition of the small business. It is not only small business that use social media as a tool of fundamental belief but rather large businesses use it to reach out to their audience and get their feedback on what they think of them. A few likes and comments can either make or break a business, but it is a risk that would ultimately lead to the successful launch of any small business looking to make good profitability. Marketing from a personal point of view adds perspective to the product over social media and attaching a message to it creates active communication between business and clientele where the example of Namaste fits in the description

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