The Importance Of Social Media In Society

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In today 's world technology is used everywhere and one of the most primary places it is used, is at school. Right now, our school district is considering putting a ban on all social media, but they need to stop now before it is too late. Social media is needed every day for our relationships. Technology makes us less socially isolated, improves how we communicate, and allows you to get to know someone in a better way. In our school technology is a necessity that we must have. At school everyone will have a certain group they fit into. We need social media, so that my fellow students will get to know everyone and not be so isolated. The difference between being isolated and not isolated will actually change the whole school in general. A New York Times article states that, “Respondents said that they were in touch via mobile phone an average of 195 days a year”(Olsen 10) In this article New York Times provided a study showing how technology makes people more in touch. This benefits relationships, by always allowing students to share and express their ideas in school which benefits the whole school. This quote does include everything on a technology device, but main includes social media.…show more content…
Source 1 would argue that it provides an, “illusion of friendship”(Warrell 4) In school we can still use this as a tool to get along, but it also, only creates what we want and the students want real relationships. Source 1 also states that, “ While it might be stating the obvious, if you want to connect with people more, you need to be in converse with people more - openly, authentically and with a vulnerability that may sometimes make you uncomfortable.” People who are to shy in person can now use social media to open up and you can do this wherever you are. The students need to have social
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