The Importance Of Social Media In The Philippines

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Introduction Today’s generation, the millenials, grew up with the use of internet which became an essential part of their daily routine. Majority of the internet users see it as a platform wherein they can gather, share (Sheppard, 2014) and use information for their benefit. For most, it’s one of the tools used to communicate, to fully express and explore themselves.
In the Philippines, a country wherein internet speed is not that fast, it managed to top the list of countries who are active social media users and compared to last year’s number of internet and social media users, it grew to 25% (Inquirer, 2017). Almost half of the population (44%) are active social media users and 40% of the population are active mobile users. In a report called Digital in 2017 it showed the number of hours Filipinos spend on social media platforms, such as Facebook, which is averaging from 4 hours and 17 minutes, while 15 to 24 years old Filipinos are the biggest consumers of information technology (Cebu Daily News, 2014).
Talking about self-expression, millenials have been using Social Media as a constant tool to freely engage with other people. Social Media provides innovative ways in which people, especially teens, can interact and navigate in their social environment such as text messaging, social networking sites, online video sites, online gaming and blogging within social networking sites (Carroll & Kirkpatrick, 2011). The emergence and growth of Social Media,
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