Social Media Brand Analysis

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Social media has become a new hybrid and strong component of the integrated marketing communications that allow organizations to establish strong connection with consumers (Mangold and Faulds, 2009). Kaplan and Haenlein (2010) defined the social media as a group of applications based on the Internet and on ideological and technological foundations Web 2.0, and which allow the creation and exchange of content generated by the user. The fashion industry has long ago recognized the importance of marketing and product branding. Social media, modern ways of communication and marketing are just some of the factors that influence the creation of a quality product. In fashion industry, the value of the brand is more important than any other item,…show more content…
Facebook is not a strategy for itself, it represents an asset, or a platform, by which it can be determined and achieved marketing strategy. Therefore, it is imperative that the campaign on Facebook only starts when marketing goals are very clear and defined. Facebook can be a benefit for luxury brands because it enables targeting of the audience or users, potential customers. Twitter is, from a business point of view, suitable for advertising types where Facebook has not proved to be the best solution. Twitter is an exceptional platform for viral spreading short and clear notifications because it has clear forms and focus on 140-character messages. Twitter has huge potential for the business of any company, but similar to Facebook, if not more, Twitter users are sensitive to marketing messages. It represents the community much more compact than Facebook which can be useful for the successful implementation of any marketing…show more content…
On Facebook, Instagram, and other social media, luxury fashion brands through the luscious spectrum reduce the tension between the exclusivity that exists because of brands´ desirability and the inclusive needs of attracting new loyal customers. The value of the luxury sector has grown 6 percent over the past year. The advantage of social media is speed and mobility, which means that private messages and comments are transmitted within a few seconds, so a problem can be solved more quickly. Private messages can be useful in achieving a deeper relationship and communication with customers for a longer period of time, and all the information received can be used to improve the service or product. Li and Mousseaux (2013) explored the young consumers´ perception of luxury fashion brand on social media. They tried to explain the utilization of social media as a communication channel in fashion industry. Online survey was their investigation method. The results showed that the presence of luxury brands on social media does not affect to young consumers from BRIC

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