The Importance Of Social Media Motivation

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Motivation is a myth In the past decade, the internet has provided a lot of opportunities for growth, advancement, and exposure, as well as changes in American culture. Some which have had a negative connotation, and others which have been categorized as positive. One of the things that social media and the Internet have allowed people to do, is to share their stories. The internet created an increasing number of motivational speakers, social media Influencers, Life coaches and internet personalities that provide content to an audience of people who are either looking for tactics or words that touch and inspire them to do something. With that in mind the question becomes how effective is this approach? Is external motivation actually impacting lives or does the fact that we are being constantly bombarded with information make external motivation a façade? One can better identify the effectiveness of social media motivation through the Ideal definition of culture and Gary Vaynerchuck’s take on motivation, combined with how people Gary’s description of how people typically use motivation as. In the same token, one can gain a clear sense of this issue by analyzing a YouTube video by Gary Vaynerchuk an Entrepreneur, author, speaker, Internet personality, and so called social media legend because of his knowledge about digital marketing and social media. To understand this video, one must first have an understanding of Gary’s criteria of documenting vs creating content. He
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