Growth Of Social Media Essay

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Social Media’s growth and impact over the last decade has been monumental. The significance of social media and social media platforms has changed society as a whole. Over the last decade, social media has changed from an underground and/or meek existence to the main source of communication as a whole, or the norm. This is an important point for businesses to consider. The new always on mentality of the consumer as well as the actual 24/7 nature of social media, readily available literally all the time, has truly changed the face of marketing, advertising and business functionality. Businesses that can rise to this new requirement and challenge are the ones that will benefit most. “Even the most traditional companies now accept that an online presence is essential, rather than an add-on. Alongside the data that users share online, a better understanding of their online behavior and what they’re talking about is an immense source of intelligence for companies and advertisers alike”(Gregory, 2016). To get the most out of social media, best practices should be established. Setting measurable social media goals, goals that can be tracked and measured for effectiveness, will insure the effort put forth towards social media is being maximized for the best ROI. This strategy should encompass more than just…show more content…
Taking Johnny’s Facebook usage and successes, we will apply a uniform messaging and promotional campaigns across Twitter and Instagram. Both Twitter and Instagram are excellent platforms for Johnny D’s. The nature of Johnny’s business, restaurant/food service, affords them the ability to target essentially all demographics, making almost everyone part of their target audience. To assist in the impact made by Johnny’s on both Twitter and Instagram, let’s explore some best practices for each

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