Essay On Social Media And Human Communication

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Social media is a form of electronic communication which is widely used for the purpose of sharing information, ideas, and other content. Social media is a relatively new concept considering that it has been around for merely over a decade. (C.M, White 2012) Communication involves the transferring of ideas from the form of an imperceptible idea from the sender, into a perceptible code to the receiver. In this way, thoughts and ideas are shared through the use of conventionally shared arbitrary symbols. Social media has an effect on our interaction and communication abilities which is clearly visible throughout many areas of society. University students leaving home are prone to engage in social media for various reasons, those including finding a sense of connectivity and belongingness in the university. Social media communication plays an important role in the transitioning phase to tertiary education and is especially useful for students who are introverted or shy. (Baker & Oswald, 2010) But what does this mean for human communication? The use of social media affects how we interact with others across all cultures and ages. Social networking is transforming human communication and interaction. Communication has been shifted drastically away from the more conventional face-to-face communication and more…show more content…
The first key issue is that social media results in us being more trustworthy and our messages therefore tend to be more open. The second issue is that we fail to strengthen our communications and as a result, our relationships fail to deepen and furthermore develop. The third issue with social media is that we tend to interact with others who share our same views on a relevant topic which results in less diversity and less room for debate as there was in the
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