The Importance Of Social Media On Culture And Society

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" Social media has become a vital factor in today’s culture and society. Our world has made many advancements in this form of communication, where it takes mere seconds to share your thoughts, opinions, and virtually anything you want with others. It is because of these new ways to share information, that people have been exposed to things that most people are frowned upon. Many think that there’s a simple solution to this unwanted exposure in the U.S. and that is the government stepping in. This thought brings up many conflicts such as when does something become serious enough to get involved, how does the government interfere without disregarding the Constitution, and what would the punishment be for those who go against the rules…show more content…
The first amendment of the Constitution states that the people of the United States have the freedom of speech and of the press. This is another factor officials have to take into consideration when judging content as inappropriate or wrong. It is however, that when someone threatens a person or persons’ life, that this amendment is immediately looked over and no longer applies. There are other extreme cases where this overpass appeals as well. It can otherwise be known that people will use the first amendment as a defense for their doings. The fourth amendment then states, that people are safe from unreasonable searches in their papers, or media posts, unless there is probable cause. This goes along with the relation of content only being monitored if officials are looking for evidence to a case. No one should be presumptuously accused of something. It is considered a lack of privacy in a sense that others don’t like to be watched, especially if they are doing nothing wrong. It is nevertheless, the government’s job to protect us. They do their job by monitoring the activity of the people in order to ensure that no harm will be brought to us as a

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