The Importance Of Social Media On Education

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Also same as the study and observation of (Guy, 2012), (Velenzuela, Park and Kee, 2008) stated that there are two major general observations were made: social media/networks are not just a place to spend time in but are useful tool for collective actions and online social networks are effective structures for connecting people, allowing them to create content and participate in public affairs in a meaningful way.
In a survey conducted by (Bagget and Williams , 2012) according to the students that social media is a means to connect between the individuals and is used as means to share common interest. It represents as a useful tool mainly for education and communication. Also it helps students to multitask because of their demanding class schedule; they are not preferred on creating multiple messages for individual because for them it is time consuming. Instead they use Facebook and emails to do such thing for their classmates, friends
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Nowadays, the students or learners are comfortable in using these tools (social media) because they already know and they are very familiar on how to use it. Social media serves as an open resources or tools to all users which mean they have no age limit. But it is the responsibility of teachers to educate and train their students with deep thinking and analytical skills during the process of using social media as a tool and resources. Through the correct use and adaptation of social media the students will engage in interactive learning which is the key to a successful education. The author or researcher added that “when students become the stakeholders of their own learning, education will be truly revolutionized through the effective collaboration between teachers and
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