Meaning Of Social Media

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Social media
Nowadays, social media has turned into a popular expression. So, what is the meaning of social media? Nicola Ellison (2007) argues that people can characterize social media as electronic administrations that permit people to develop an open or semi-open profile inside of a limited framework, verbalize a rundown of different clients with whom they share an association, and view and navigate their rundown of associations and those made by others inside the framework (Ellison, 2007, para. 2). There are numerous new kinds of online networking that have picked up recently: sites, wikis, media-sharing locales, informal organization destinations, social bookmarking, virtual universes, small scale blogging locales, and so on. Social
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Organizations have surely understood the force of social media and acknowledged that social media advertising must be within their marketing plan. According to Bendror (2014), 89% of advertisers expressed that expanded presentation was the main advantage of social media, and 89% of advertisers expressed that expanded introduction was the main advantage of online networking promoting. People can note the increasing number of famous bloggers in Kuwait, and over the whole world, who are promptes for a lot of companies. Bloggers even leave their own studies and work to open their own companies and their own business from the money that they make from advertising. Their way is totally different and more attractive than other ways of advertisings, these promoters seem like any normal blogger who uses apps or websites. A lot of followers follow him/her for something they are interested in like: fashion, food, sport, or even if the blogger has a sense of humor. After that, commercials start to deal with them and make contracts with them to advertise their brands by posting pictures, videos, or only tweeting about certain products. This method has proven to be very successful because of the huge number of followers that bloggers have, by that time a big number of individuals will know about the advertised brand more and will be interested. So, social…show more content…
(Teach-ICT, 2010, para. 4). For example, you lose some protection in the sense that there are no real contact to protect people. People might later lament posting pictures or remarks that they thought were interesting at the time. In addition, online bullying can be an issue in the event that somebody posts unkind or untrue things about, as another a few individuals may utilize a fake profile easily. Therefore, social media can have a negative impact to individuals and their private life. It is clear that social media is not a completely safe
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