The Importance Of Social Media

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Social network sites during the last decade are considered to be one of the greatest technological developments worldwide. Harsh Agrawal 2014 defines social media as an “interactive dialogue between organizations, communities and even an individual”. The use of Internet gives you a great advantage as an individual as you can easily communicate with your friends, and at the same time it makes it possible for organizations to promote their business in different parts of the world using different online platforms . Consequently, from an individual’s point of view, social media can be described as a powerful and dynamic way to connect people by allowing them to share and exchange personal information. At the same time business perceive social media as a powerful marketing tool that can be used to contact consumers. (Falkow, 2011, cited in Cohen, 2011). . A number of organizations consider social media as a powerful marketing tool. . Comparing the two definitions it can be observed that both individual and businesses perceive social media as an important and influential method of human interaction.
Communication has been defined as the exchange of ideas between a sender and a receiver (Wilbur Schram 1955 cited in Belch Belch p.147). The greatest advantage of social media is that is a modern form of communication as it keeps us up to date with our friends. It is a way that more and more people use in order to interact with their friends all over the world, as through the

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