The Importance Of Social Media

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Social media is a media or a place for people exchange informations, to search informations, to find some new friends, and to get amusement for theirself or together. Social media is also a place for work or do hobbys like writing in virtual reality. For Example social media which some people usualy use are LINE, WHATSAPP, and INSTAGRAM. LINE main fuction is to communication with other people by chatting, calling, and video call in unlimited distance and time. WHATSAPP has similar function with LINE. The main function of INSTAGRAM is a social media platform to share picture or photos, and video to other people,everybody can watch it. It has like fiture, so everybody can give a like to a picture or video. For social media which share video to amuse and many news is YOUTUBE.
Everybody knows social media because it can spread to everyone and everywhere quickly by the high improvement or development of technology. Everytime, if there is a new social media, so it will be publicated fast to the society. Nowsaday, we can accept the new social media quickly by high technology gadget. For example, handphone, laptop, and computer. The society can get the new information fast.
The spreading of social media can be spread mouth to mouth too by surounding people.They usually have chatting in general public places, as café, mall, market, etc. So the social media can be spread as quickly as possible without any barriers. What about you? Do you usually to be an agent of spreading of social

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