Social Networking Disadvantages

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Guide to use Social Networking to succeed in Business The most eye-catching result of digitalization today, is the complete dependence of the world on the Internet. People use Internet for a plethora of reasons- starting from education to jobs, matrimony to entertainment. Thus, if you underutilize the Internet for your business- it’ll be a gross error! And one of the most effective methods of using the Internet for succeeding in business is to utilize its various social-networking sites. The social networking sites on the Internet like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and so on, provide various platforms for showcasing your business to the outer world online, and also help you make valuable connections with people who can become…show more content…
While startup owners can use their website as an advertising tool and get more public attention regarding their products and services, the already-existing companies can use their websites as methods to hold a constant buyer market and keep the public informed about their product or service launches. Blogs are also equally helpful, and it is operated not as an organization, but as a person- so the startup owner or the company manager is the one who should own a blog. Blogs can be platforms to share knowledge about the area of business which you deal with, discuss the various ways to deal with business issues and so on. In a nutshell, blogs are ways to bring the limelight upon you and project yourself as a prospective star in the world of…show more content…
LinkedIn, SpiceWorks and various other such job portals provide profiles of various fresh talents. Thus, open an account yourself in these networking sites, and develop onlie networks for your business with like-minded people. Discuss your goals and passions, with them, listen to their views, and develop a team.
• Getting feedbacks: This is particularly helpful when you have launched a new product or service in the market. Interact at a one-to-one level with your customers and get feedback about your new launches. You can get handy ideas about further improvements, and will also know how well your new venture is doing. Twitter seems the most helpful here, as people here provide almost immediate feedback.
• Involvement in collaboration suites: You need to make your presence be felt online, especially where innovations occur because progression in business requires vision and innovation. Collaborative user-friendly environments on the Internet include suites like Campfire, Yammer, etc. where most company teams stay
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