The Importance Of Social Networking In School

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It’s time for social networking to go in schools What does it mean when a kid is on there phone in class? What are children hiding from their teachers on their phones in class? When a student has a sad look on their face while looking at their phone does that mean they are getting bullied? Social networking is very popular in schools, and because phones make it easier to find information, some people are suggesting social networking is good to have in class, but phones can easily be used in a bad way. Although social networking can be good to stay connected with friends and family, schools should ban social networking because it can be used to cyberbully, receive online advertising that is inappropriate for their age, teens admitted to lying about their age to gain access to websites.…show more content…
As a student, i notice that people in my class are always on there phones texting, on social media. I feel like sometimes they are on there phones bullying someone else. Phones can be used in this way so I think if the teachers ban them the bullying rate will go down. This is why we should not have phones in class for this danger. According to, Without meaning to, kids can easily share more online than they should. Sure you can say phones are good for connecting with friends, but kids could easily get on there phones to cyberbully. In addition to problems like cyberbullying. As you can see by having phones in class, we are letting kids be able to bully another
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