The Importance Of Social Networking On English Language Learning

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The internet has become extremely important to human life since it was developed. People use the internet for several reasons. Some people use for contacting and keeping relationship with people. Other people use for business and healthcare. Others use for research and educational purpose. Since English is considered to use as worldwide language of the internet (Korpela, 1995) this progress force foreigners to acquire English knowledge. Although most of people use internet for connecting to social via social networking sites (Boyd, 2006), they also use the internet to connect with each other for sharing their daily learning experiences and do conversation on several topics. (Liccardi et al, 2007). This report demonstrates the advantage of the growth social networking for learners to support their English learning skills as well as their life skills. The foreign language learners can be successful in language learning by motivations. It inspires them to use and learn English for reaching their goals of specific social networking purpose. Using social networks among the learners can affect the learners in particular of English language learning. Due to the easily accessing to the internet, social networking can change teaching and learning style. It affects to relationship of teacher and learners. Beyond this, the social network is shrinking the world, making it to global community, and building the relationship among humanity. In the future, social networking may cause the

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