The Importance Of Social Networks

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Social networks are one of the most powerful tools in brand’s marketing arsenal especially for independent companies at a relatively low cost.
According to Social Media Examiner’s seventh annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 92 percent of marketers working with small businesses (between two and 10 employees) strongly agree that social media is crucial to their marketing efforts.
However, an independent brand should avoid the mistake of diving into social networks without an articulate plan. To benefit from social networks, the company needs to build a clear strategy that should be focused on three major points : concentrate its efforts on a limited number of social networks, create brand awareness, and finally build brand loyalty.
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III.2 Create brand awareness

Focusing on the most fitting social networks to build a presence will allow independent brands to find target users, it is the first step to create brand awareness. They should then concentrate their efforts on ways to increase brand awareness. It is an important way of promoting products, it is the degree to which consumers precisely associate the brand with the specific product.

There are several methods to create or increase brand awareness, the first is being innovative and having a unique identity. Independent brands should identify what makes them different, as an uncommon identity is more likely to stand out from other brands, which will serve as publicity.
The brand Jeffree Star Cosmetics is an excellent example to illustrate it. It was created by Jeffrey Lynn Steininger a makeup artist who is known for his androgyny appearance. The cosmetic company capitalized on his unique and provocative identity, to offer particular products such as « Androgyny » « Drug Lord » and « Weirdo »
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Independent cosmetics brands work mainly through e-word of mouth as they do not benefit from the umbrella of big corporations, therefore, the visibility, awareness and brand loyalty can almost only be obtained through social networks. Also, the affordable prices and the distinctive creativity of products proposed by independent brands are in correlation to social networks as the product proposed are primarily aimed for the Generation Y which happens to be the major population of social
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