The Importance Of Social Relationship

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In the hope to find who we are, we often search for what makes us relate to each other. Myer’s and Bohm essays (“Ingroup and Outgroup” and “On Communication”) are similar in the subject of social relationships and how we interact with others. Everyone wants to identify with someone who they share something with. Like individuals who like science and mathematics relate to nerds. Due to this phenomenon, this essay looks to explores how one’s persona is developed through relations to others. Additionally, this essay discusses how individuals interact with others who are similar and who are different from themselves.
One persona is built on what we as individual experience in life. Every interaction big or small, changes who we are and how we want to be seen. Myer states that people “will conform to social fashion. They will act not as much as they need to hate as from a need to be liked or
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Some believe that we would not grow as a society and learn from our mistakes. That these mistakes are what make our society so great and that is what strengthens us. That by trying to get rid of or treat these mistakes that they may cause problems or lack of motivation for others. Will to relate to others. In the essay on communication, myer touches about miscommunication and how I am proving it may cause more problems than its. The Bohm States “as a result the very attempt to improve communication leads often to yet more confusion and consequences sense of frustration inclines people even further towards aggression violence rather than toward mutual understanding and trust. The author suggests in the say that if people were willing to listen to each other without prejudice and without influencing each other that they may accept each other. In the scenario of the inner and outer group if this was truly effective it could help slowly get rid of the social biases they have against each
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