The Importance Of Social Science

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According to Bhattacherjee (2012), the social science is the science of people or collections of people, and their individual or collective behaviors. Social sciences can be divided into areas such as psychology, and economics for the science. After all, the statistical surveys and research methodologies in varies fields was done to prove and disprove theories. The research usually study by undergraduate students, post graduate and professional researcher to investigate on certain field for academic purposes. The research is generally done to help the researcher get more academic experience and knowledge in their selected field.

The research in social science is necessary
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Through the research literature, the researcher can share their information and knowledge to the society regarding their specific studies. The society can know the benefit and impact of some issue through researchers finding, review and discussion on research literature. Moreover, the research can bring to social growth and development which give beneficial value to the country evolution. The evolution of society can be attained with the sharing knowledge in certain topic that helps society to improve their productivity and relationship within themselves. For instance, the society can gain knowledge on economic field to improve their understanding and applied in their life for self-improvement. While, the academic research can inform society on new invention and technology advance and also provide the information and critical evaluation on their literature. In relationship factors,…show more content…
The sustainable country can bring the harmonious and firm where it needed the common understanding of their citizen. Through the social science literature and research can generate the recent or advanced understanding about the human society by several areas and studies that social science offer. For example, the political science areas are academic information where it has been applied to all citizens. The research will educate and expose the political system and behavior through academic research and share the theories, review and finding with the citizen. The citizen will understand and can gain the knowledge from literature and it help to create a global understanding. The research that study about cross-country understanding can help the citizen to understand the complex issue that occur in other country like the war or history of other’s country to help improve the human success. Then, the individual can learn on global improvement for more understanding. The technology makes the most changing where it needs user awareness on this implementation. So, by the research literature, it helps global understanding on this technological system. Some
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