The Importance Of Social Skills

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In the past few decades, technology has evolved tremendously such that people use the internet to execute almost every activity and this includes purchasing products and services, transacting businesses and communicating to acquaintances. Apparently, there is an emerging trend that may have implicating effects to the population of the world since people have deviated from nurturing their social skills. Evidently, the society has emphasis on promulgation of relationships in various contexts such as at work, in business and at home (Torres, 2015). Innately, individuals have to gather the various strategies that they can use to ensure they are successful and they do not ruin reputation. Additionally, there is the aspect of openness where individuals…show more content…
In many cases, people find it hard to commit to an intimate association since they may have narcissistic behaviors that are unacceptable. On the other hand, social skills can lead an individual to treat other people with respect such that they have mutual understanding of their needs (Torres, 2015). Imperatively, people that nurture social skills have empathy and they can steer bonds at the workplace especially when they deal with customers. In any case, they tend to gain since they can attain repetitive consumers. Additionally, social skills equip an individual with communication skills such that they can communicate and relay information without provoking negative feelings to the audience. More so, they have a way to relay emotional news such that the receiver does not feel targeted and isolated. In fact, this is crucial in business, at workplace and at home where a situation may cause permanent harm to an individual since they can develop irreversible perception about an individual. Importantly, individuals may have a better career compared to their peers since they may have an added advantage (Deming, 2015). For instance, the most lucrative positions involve interaction with different groups of people such as employees, stakeholders, investors and communities. Resultantly, the holder of the position…show more content…
In many cases, the children may have a hard time to decipher their academic, behavioral or social incompetency due to impairment but assistance from the teachers could be a corrective measure (Torres, 2015). In fact, these children may have difficulties in socializing with their peers such that they may feel isolated. However, when their peers understand their predicament, they may feel empathy and care towards the individuals such that they form a bond. Although they may have disparity in their capabilities, there is mutual understanding such that the both feel contented. Additionally, people ought to learn social skills at an early age such that they can use them in their adulthood. Ideally, there is an indication that most of the services will be automated in the near future due to the prevalence in technological development. However, people with innate social skills will have a chance to operate in institutions where they can relate and share experiences with the customers Sparks, 2011). On this note, people that can nurture working relationships and can treat customers to their satisfaction will be preferred in case the technology may not deliver the desirable results. Notwithstanding, it is suggested that the labor market will be more rewarding to people that can function

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