Marx's Four Levels: The Study Of Social Life

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1A. Sociology is the study of the society and human social relationships. It examines how social changes influence people at every stage of their social life. According to Marx, he believes that the social life is essentially about dispute over resources such as food, healthcare, money and land (Marx & Engels, 1970). His stance leads us to one of the key concerns in sociology known as social stratification. It is a system by which society ranks categories of people in a hierarchy based on their ease of access to scarce resources. Social stratification is universal but it changes between different societies.

1B. As of year 2014, there are nine levels in China’s class structure. The first three levels are known as the ‘ruling class’ and
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It is a segregation of its people, each with a hereditary occupation. This essentially means that whichever caste you were born into, you are stuck in it the rest of your life. Hence, if you are born into a rich family, you and your future generations will be well off. The four primary castes are the Brahmins (the priests), Kshatriya (warriors), Vaisya (farmers, traders, artisans) and Shudra (tenant farmers and servants). Those who are born outside of the caste system are called the Untouchables.

As shown above, social stratification is significantly present in both China and India. Relating this to the article ‘China and India Face Huge Cancer Burden’, those belonging in the higher levels of the social structure will receive better healthcare than those in the lower levels due to the class that they belong to. They have better access to good doctors because they are able to afford it as compared to those in the lower levels of the social
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The possible outcomes of this study is likely to support the hypothesis that promoting cancer awareness in China will lower the number of deaths as a result of cancer. The Chinese who belong in the lower levels of the social structure do not have access to the media. Hence, the only form of cancer awareness they have is through word of mouth. Even so, they will not fully understand the potential risks of having cancer, let alone know what they should do if one has cancer. The Chinese in the upper class may not even be aware that China is facing a cancer crisis. In order to help the lower class, we must first reach out to the upper class. After all, they are the ones who will be funding the

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