The Importance Of Socialization In A Family Business

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Socialization in a family business is the procedure at which a family business allows new employees to adapt into the business environment and culture. The organization of Danube obliges all newly hired employees to go through the procedure of “Induction”, which allows newly hired employees to attend a three to four working day workshop that is hosted by the management at the main headquarter. The “term “Induction” is defined as the procedure or action at which someone is brought into an organization. The “Induction” workshop will include a trainer that allows new employees to be involved activities such as social tasks, which would improve communication. The activities are made realistic situations that have occurred previously, which is beneficial in engaging new employees with the methods used in reacting to certain situations. This will assist in allowing will enable the new employees to understand the core value of the family business culture and will also assist the trainer to analyze the new employees connection and compatibility with the culture as well as the values of the family business Danube. Danube also provides lectures, where they provide the exact detail needed for new employees and includes the different standards and protocols of the company. This includes applying for various types of leaves and the reasons on why they would like to go on leave, which also includes health or simply vacation purposes.

Danube is able to control the diversity of the

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