The Importance Of Socialization In Society

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As a child, socialising was never my forte. As such, much of my childhood was spent sitting in a corner of my classroom by myself, watching others play. Over the years, I slowly but surely picked up some of what I considered the “better” traits and habits of my former schoolmates which allowed me to climb out that shell and makes some friends.

Kindergarten was nothing but meagre short dialogue sessions that ended the moment I stepped out of the gate, while primary school was a series of extended conversations that never really lasted the end of the term. And then came the time I was going to change it all, the time where I was going to make some ‘real’ friends. It took some trying but soon I met a class that would prove endearing. It was in this class that I made friends I still keep in touch till today.

Soon after I was talked into by one of my classmates to join him and a bunch of fellow batch mates on a service learning trip to Cambodia. A chance to meet people from other streams and do good for the community was simply an opportunity I could not pass on. On the first meeting, I was made in charge of my group’s logistic and my group leader was the beautiful girl from the class where I barely knew a fraction of the people. Butterflies in my stomach made it hard for me to start the conversation and so it was all made easier when she started talking first. I soon found out that the volleyball competitions she had participated in all came back with gold or silver medals.

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