Essay On Standardization

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Socializing is a fundamental process in our lives. No matter how anti-social a person can be, there will be some sort of relation throughout a person’s life. It is worth noting that human’s daily routine and activities may intentionally and unintentionally bring forth socializing process. To illustrate, a mother who goes to a market to buy meat will have some conversation with the butcher by just asking about the price. A network is formed as an outcome from socializing. According to Margain and Milroy’s (1980) research paper, social network is the social relationships an individual contracts with other individuals in a community. In other words, social network can be anything from families, colleagues, peers, neighborhoods, etc. Growing up in a family with me being the only…show more content…
Often involves the advancement of things such as lexicon, literature, spelling inventories, and grammars. In this century where we live in a world without border, it is vital to have a standard language in a third world country such as in Malaysia. Standardization of language, too, serves a purpose. It helps to fulfill the desire for national (cultural, political, economical and social) cohesion. Since young, I have been learning English and it is my main language because I practice it for various purposes. It is very applicable in Malaysia, a country that consist multiracial population where I often communicate with others in English. Hence English is widely used. Having a Standard English allows writing formal letters and typing official documents to be a lot easier. Following, English will be used as an example to explain standardization process. It is necessary for English to have a standardizing process in order to function in society and to be taught in a deliberate approach. At the very first place, a norm must be selected from vernacular
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