The Importance Of Socially Responsible Americans

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Society is defined as a structured group of people with common interest or cultures. It is the obligation of individuals who represent a larger aggregate or community, to assist in promoting and upholding the ethical code of their community as well as contribute to its growth and the well being of other individuals in said community; it is to be socially responsible. In America, the ideals of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are the tenets revered and upheld in this nation. It is the social responsibility of each American citizen to advocate and pursue these virtues in order to further the development of society and the individuals within. Socially responsible Americans assist the growth of their community by volunteering and participating in other forms of philanthropy. Volunteering in churches, government, or charities elevate the standard of living for others in the community and creates more opportunities to pursue one’s goals. Jennifer Self defines citizenship and social responsibility as “labors of ordinary people who created goods and undertook projects to benefit the public”(2). It is considered the norm to contribute to the community in any possible way, rather than indulging in personal desires and activities that are only beneficial to oneself. For example, the youth organization, Boy Scouts of America, requires adolescents aspiring to earn their eagle badge, the organization’s highest honor, to develop and lead a substantial service project for

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