Social Responsibility In America

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Society is defined as a structured group of people with common interest or cultures. It is the obligation of individuals who represent a larger aggregate or community, to assist in promoting and upholding the ethical code of their community as well as contribute to its growth and the well being of other individuals in said community; it is to be socially responsible. In America, the ideals of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are the tenets revered and upheld in this nation. It is the social responsibility of each American citizen to advocate and pursue these virtues in order to further the development of society and the individuals within. Socially responsible Americans assist the growth of their community by volunteering and…show more content…
Some disagree with the notion that social responsibility cannot include uphold a creed as morality is not homogeneous among Americans. But every right granted to the people through the Constitution must also supported by the masses’ obligation to promote these ideals, and “by engaging in civic responsibility, citizens ensure and uphold certain democratic values written in the founding documents”(Self 1). Individuals are thus required to advocate these ideals as they are the foundations of American citizenship. Also many may argue that while volunteer work is beneficial to one’s self and their community, it is not an obligatory activity in society, and therefore should not be considered the responsibility of each individual. However, if one views philanthropic acts as separate from the social responsibilities of a citizen, then they are essentially supporting the bystander effect, or the diffusion of responsibility within a group or other large capacity. This will ultimately leave condition the community to stagnate or even regress, damaging all those within it because of their belief that their neighbor would assist the community instead. Civil obligations of the individuals in a community focus on beneficial gains and the betterment of the people included in it. Benefactions such as volunteering or donations improve both individual lives and that of the society. It is imperative that one also holds true to the core values of their society, in this case the American society, in favor of promoting these ideals and making them universal in the
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