The Importance Of Society And Toy Safety

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4.0 Society and Toy Safety Toys has been proven to help in children development by shaping their experience, enhancing imagination and affecting behaviours (Yilmaz, 2015). Further research suggest that parents who play together with children encourage them to think, judge and allow quick adapt to changeable environment (Changa & Yehb, 2015). Moreover, the toys are also aided in children’s social skill (Trawick-Smith, 2013). After several major toy recall, toy’s safety has been the major concern for most parents. Various parties have anticipated in the effort of toy safety. However, society itself has to be educated regard the knowledge to enhance better awareness of the issues. Educating society has seem to be an effective practise to overcome social issues including overweight and obesity (Chan, et al., 2011); environmental (Zsóka, et al., 2013); and teenage smoking (Ayaz & Açıl, 2015). Consumer can empowered themselves with the consumerism knowledge, and help the society to understand what their role in being the conscious consumer (Mazlan, et al., 2014). Education should also be delivered to children at any age, allow them to be aware and stay aware from dangerous toy (Mulvaney, et al., 2012). Several stakeholders beared heavy responsibility in educating society including government, NGOs, children product retailer and toy manufacturer. Possbile engagement for each of these stakeholder will be further discuss. 4.1 Government Introducing the consumer safety as part of

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