The Importance Of Society In The Early 20th Century

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The human society was renovating and advancing every time in every places. The life nowadays was built by those ancestors who had created miracles. However, an innovation needed time for attempting, fund for achieving. At the beginning of the last century, the Great War was influential, which brought death, injure, poverty and starvation. Even the period after the war, those post-war countries in Europe experience a struggled time. Massive destroyed buildings and casualties, the reparation and debts led them into various issues. Across the Atlantic Ocean, the North America for the first time emerged as a victor for the coming golden time. Technology, industry, art, culture, education were flouring than ever. American acted like a leading role that devoted his energy to reformation of science. The first broadcasting company was established, the innovation of car industry, and the invention of airplane both contribute to the transportation industry. More precisely, those innovations of America were all connect to business, so the invention was not only a promotion of human life, but also a catalyst that simulated social economy, and the business was absolutely the supporter behind these important inventions.
“A business of America is business[ “A business of America is business”]”, said by Jon Calvin Coolidge, the current president of America in 1920, manifested how the whole society was working during the early 20th century. Variety of inventions came out to the world, which

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