American Automobile Industry

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The human society was renovating and advancing every time in every places. The life nowadays was built by those ancestors who had created miracles. However, an innovation needed time for attempting, fund for achieving. At the beginning of the last century, the Great War was influential, which brought death, injure, poverty and starvation. Even the period after the war, those post-war countries in Europe experience a struggled time. Massive destroyed buildings and casualties, the reparation and debts led them into various issues. Across the Atlantic Ocean, the North America for the first time emerged as a victor for the coming golden time. Technology, industry, art, culture, education were flouring than ever. American acted like a leading role…show more content…
Although the Germany inventor Karl Benz was the first person getting the patent of car, American developed the car industry to ordinariness. “Henry Ford was mentioned as a ‘car king’ who invented the assembly line which sped up the car assembly for about 8 times”[ “Henry Ford was mentioned as a ‘car king’ who invented the assembly line which sped up the car assembly for about 8 times”]. The American automobile industry developed rapidly. The first cheap t car rolled off the production line, Henry Ford and his new T car domain aged the American car industry in the early 20th century. By 1927, over 15 million T cars were sold, which was still a legend. The American car industry was not only brought in new technology, but also led the industry globally. Besides Henry Ford, there were more businessman that promote car industry in the world. William Durant, who created the system of multi-brand selling companies with cars. He illustrated a greater blueprint of the flouring car industry. His attempt was not only bringing him a huge amount of profit, but also saving those small car company from bankruptcy of the same occupation, and the industry had been improved a lot. Again, all the facts indicates that business was the basic of this great invention to come out, and pushed it to face the society to become important to all the people in the

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