The Importance Of Society Respect In Society

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Martin Luther King Jr once said, “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools”. As the face and spokesperson of the civil rights movement, King was fighting for the end of racial inequality, essentially for the same respect society had for white people. Society has made leaps and bounds since this time in the world of respect, whether it be expanding healthcare or women’s rights, but could society function if not everyone expressed significant respect to those in their community? To answer this question, one need only look within their own house, neighborhood, or city. Society does not always respect one another, however, our societies do function. People commonly disrespect others, even if they do not notice; they disrespect other’s safety, career choice, and positions, yet society still operates. The safety of others, physical or mental, is often disregarded by those around them. Imagine you are driving and you notice a driver looking down at their phone. They cut you off and you must slam on your breaks, causing the car behind you to crash into the back of your car. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claimed that one thousand people a day are injured in distracted driving accidents. This inattention illustrates the disrespect those in society have towards each other’s life and even their own. While this does not increase society’s ability to function, it does not impede it’s functioning either. Society also lacks respect in the
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