The Importance Of Society's Liminal Challenges In Society

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All aspects of our lives evolved over time. The contemporary now demands us to create dynamic spaces visible and plausible to those that see not only with their eyes, but with the authenticity of their inner selves. Other none traditional opportunities exist to those that are confidently aware of their limits in liminal abilities and inabilities. Such levels of self awareness capacitate us to define liminal challenges for society as we perceive them. As these are clearly frontal and hence unknown to the infected society, it remains our responsibility to sell and justify their relevance and need for immediate attention by society to balance the perceived latent illness. Why are some of the challenges we see more critical than others the society experience on a daily basis? How do we then find relevance to society’s fractal organisations that keep our daily lives in balance and we desperately seek to serve? It attentions us to the need to relate our desires and the direction we intend to take with a particular political or socio-economic sector of the macro economy at the beginning of our intended journeys. The impetus is directly upon our heads to ensure that whatever we see and visualise, our families, communities, organisations and societies can also see and visualise. The traditional approach has been pitched so far away from humanity’s direct needs and daily application of our communities. It has also been so Newtonian that the only people that could understand it are

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