The Importance Of Sociolinguistics

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Sociolinguistics is primarily concerned with what affects people including the relationship between language and society. Sociolinguistics is also concerned with how multilingual speech communities use language as they interact with one another (Wardhaugh, 2006). As proposed by the term, it primarily involves two disciplines which are linguistics and sociology (Spolsky as cited in Nooyen, 1999). Sociolinguists are interested in language because of its characteristic which explains why people speak differently in different social contexts which includes people’s varied ways of saying strings or set of words and sentences.
Semantics, as one subfield of linguistics is pedagogically significant. In terms of meaning making, Spring (2003) posited in his study the importance of semantic competence, for it comprises the skills to identify meaning of words and relationship of syntactic structures. These relationships of structures include entailment, uniformity, and ambiguity. Pyykkönen (2009)
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Recanati (1989) restraints that although an expression may yield various meaning or interpretations, the ambiguity of semantics may not be the basis for a variety of meaning and interpretation. This is because meaning can be justified for by both semantics (and the literal level) and pragmatics (contextual level). However, Recanati asserts that the breach between semantics and pragmatics has been eclectic in the sense that “what is said” can no longer be distinguished from other pragmatic aspects that may give other possible interpretations as an outcome. According to Levinsons, “what is said” in an utterance is to be acknowledged with the part of “linguistically coded content” that can be expressed through the sentence’s truth conditions. (Bottyan,

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