The Importance Of Soft Power

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Marcus Tullius Cicero, an ancient Roman politician noted that there are two kinds of activity which can put a state to a higher advantage: activity of the commander or the outstanding orator – the sword and the feather. To achieve full prosperity, there must be a union between the sword and the feather. Since then, the feather or the soft power, has been recognized as a determining factor in one’s conduct of politics. In international relations, influence is power. Soft power has been defined by Joseph Nye as the ability to affect others to obtain the outcomes one wants through attraction rather than coercion or payment. It basically means that this kind of power leans on the ability to shape the preferences of others in a way that would be beneficial for both parties. However, it is important to note that soft power is not just based on influence a country can spread but also its ability to entice and attract (Joseph S. Nye, 2008). A country’s soft power rests on its resources of culture, political values, and foreign policies. Culture is the set of practices that create meaning for a society, and it has many manifestations. One is high culture which consists of literature, art, and education and the other is popular culture, which focuses in mass entertainment. Historically speaking, the United States ranks among the best when it comes to the use of soft power and sits only a few points behind United Kingdom and France (McClory, 2010). Even though Japan is not on top of

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