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The quality of the software engineering firms is a direct function of the quality of software engineering education [13] while not disputing the fact that other factors may play a role. Thus, the current state of software development can be improved immensely through proper software engineering education and this can result in the alleviation of many traditional problems and crisis associated with industrial software practices. [17] A focus on the definition, development, and maintenance of software, which spans beyond the basic knowledge of computer science will bring about a great improvement in software engineering education and training, thereby resulting in an increase in the amount of manpower of software engineers.

An analysis was carried out in Taiwan on the software engineering courses offered in the academic year
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1. Four dysfunctions of software engineering education

2.1. Avoidance of process
A mutual fact among ICT product developers is the development of software by individuals or very small teams with little coordination and independent operations being carried out by these software developers. As a result of this, the process of developing software is always seen as an overhead with little benefit, with many of these software companies being unable to produce a description of their current software development and maintenance processes.
However, due to the integration of software with much focus on its end-user orientation, individuals find it very hard to develop complex software in a timely and more efficient manner. The inability of software engineers to work as a team due to their lack of teamwork knowledge and experience makes individual productivity limited in situations where teamwork is needed.
It is quite pathetic that IT-related departments have paid little or no attention to courses on software processes, knowing fully well that this dysfunction can result in major regression as far as software engineering education is

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