The Importance Of Solar Energy

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According to ( 2014) the sun is the most important source of renewable energy available at this time. The sun provides energy for all living creatures on earth. For example, plants absorbs solar radiation from sunlight and converts it into stored energy for growth and development. This process is called photosynthesis.Solar energy is a light and heat from the sunlight collected and converted using a wide variety of technologies such as artificial photosynthesis, solar thermal electricity, solar architecture, solar heating device and solar photovoltaics. Scientists and engineers today works extremely hard to develop ways to utilize solar radiation or sunlight directly by converting it into useful heat or electricity.
Solar energy is harvested from the radiant power produced by the sunlight rays. The harvested energy is turned into electric power. Our modern technology today has increased the ability to harness and utilize solar energy. This has led to a switch from using conventional means to generate power to the new renewable energy source. Researchers has developed cost efficient ways of collecting and storing solar energy ( 2014).
The invention and development of solar panels and batteries enhances the harnessing and storage of energy from sun. Solar array panels are being utilized in harnessing radiant energy and then the collected energy is stored in the batteries simultaneously. The stored energy can be used to operate the machines and run
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