The Importance Of Space Placement In A Cyber Cafe

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SPACE ARRANGEMENT IN A CYBER CAFÉ: SOME HANDY TIPS In setting up a cyber café (or an internet café/gaming center.), proper layout is important to make sure that you can install the optimal number of computers, have enough space for extra activity but it is still easy to go around. There are a lot of things you need to arrange: client and server computers, best gaming chair, wires and internet connections…..Let’s have a look at some tips to help arrange space in a cyber café efficiently. First of all, let’s start of the importance of good space arrangement: it should look neat and comfortable enough to make the customer feel most convenient. It also allow you to monitor the customers and other activities inside the room Proper computer arrangement Computers arrangement is essential in a cyber café, there is no doubt about it. It is essentially about selecting and putting the computers tables and chairs and related-electrical issues. Here are a couple of things you should take note: • The standard table size for a cyber café is 2.5 ft but it is up to you to choose a different dimension to fit your space and make customers feel comfortable. It is should be large enough so that customers can put some basic stuff on the surface. • The distance between two nearby computers should be taken into account. Too large and it will take up precious in the room. Too small and it can make customers feel like losing their privacy. It is best that you make your customers feel their

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